Head-to-Head Matches Preview
Head 2 Head matches are coming to Golden Tee Golf for Apple & Android devices!

Tell your family. Tell your friends. In fact, tell everyone. Head-to-Head play is coming to Golden Tee on your Apple and Android devices Wednesday, February 12!

Want to challenge your buddy to a private, custom contest? Want to take on a good ol’ fashion stranger in your current League? Come February 12, with the launch of this exciting new game mode, both will be possible.

In Head-to-Head Friends Play, you’ll be able to search for your closest Golden Tee friends and link up with them in the game, establishing your own personalized Friends list. From here, you’ll construct your own custom matches. Pick your opponent. Pick the course. Pick the stakes—you’ll be able to compete for Silver and Gold. You’ll also be able to adjust the handicaps, giving or taking strokes in your match to even the playing field.

And that’s not at all. You’ll be able to adjust the difficulty of the course—from Novice to Expert—and add Mulligans into the contest if you so desire. Whatever type of match you want to create, you’ll have the power to do so.

If you just want your matchplay fix with a player from your League, you can join or create a contest seamlessly. We’ll take care of the settings, find you an opponent and you’ll be on the course in no time. The arrival of Head-to-Head League Play will also come on February 12.

If you haven’t downloaded Golden Tee for your Apple or Android devices yet, now is the time. And if you’re already ahead of us, tell your family, tell your friends.

Tell, well, you know the deal. Download Golden Tee Golf for Apple & Android here.

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