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The downloads are adding up for Golden Tee Golf on Apple & Android devices! We are loving all of the hole-in-one and hole out videos that we are seeing the players hit. It's great to see players adapt from the cabinet to their personal devices! If you haven't played or are looking to get the best game play from GT for Apple & Android, we've added some tips to help you out.

Golden Tee Golf is available on Apple & Android devices. You can find it in the app store for Apple and in Google Play for Androids. Or you can click on the links below that will direct you right to the download page. Make sure you rate us and give your game experience feedback!



Join the Golden Tee Mobile Players Facebook group to post your a hole-in-one or hole out videos for a chance to make the Shots of the Week! Or if you are looking to better yourself at different shots and find new ways to get to the hole, it is a great place to up your game.

If that isn't enough to get you going, make sure you check out all of Adam Kramer's live streams of GT Golf for Apple & Android. Kramer takes you through all of the game modes, the entertaining player apparel, how tees & balls different from the cabinet, and an all around showcase of the game. Below is a breakdown of the variety Golden Tee Golf for Apple & Android brings!

Challenges - Watch Here

Equipment - Watch Here

Campaign Mode - Watch Here

Volcano Palms Full Contest -  Watch Here

Golden Tee Live 2021
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