World Championship bound home owners
After starting with 100 players, only 5 survived our home edition invite contest!

2019 Home Edition Owners

Throughout the month of March, thousands upon thousands of Golden Tee Home Edition owners competed for the top 100 scores in the World Rankings for that month.

But, we can't bring 100 home edition owners to the World Championship, as much as we would love to.  Instead, a series of Invitational contests were set up to find the best of the best from our home owners.

Our first invite took 100 players down to the top 50.  That contest took place on Catedrais Beach and scores were pretty high for courses that had brand new tees released!

The second invite got us down to 25 players.  That contest took place on Agave Ranch and some new fresh faces were making their way up the leaderboard

The final invite was on Sandhill Woods and the new tees got the best of some players and kept the winning scores a few strokes off par!

Home Owner Top 5

Congratulations to our top 5 winners who we will see in Las Vegas on June 21-23!  A huge thanks to all of our home owners for participating in this contest!

Golden Tee PGA TOUR 2023
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