Design-a-Hole Finalist No. 2: Menacing Medley
Our second DAH finalist is a drivable Par 4!

DAH Finalist 2

Welcome, one and all, to another year of the Design-a-Hole Contest.

After opening up our submission doors to the Golden Tee world, it’s time to highlight the 10 finalists that caught our judges’ attention.

First, a giant thank you to the Golden Tee community.  We received over 250 designs this year—an all-time high—and we want to thank everyone who took time to design their hole and submit it. Your hard work and passion is why we run this event year after year. It’s what fuels this contest. So seriously, thank you for all that you do.

Now, to the finals.

One of the 10 designs that will be showcased over the course of 10 days—Monday thru Friday over the next two weeks—will become a playable hole in Golden Tee 2020. This winner will also receive their very own Golden Tee Home Edition and the opportunity to design their own Freaky Friday course.

The stakes are high for those still left, and now they (well, we) need your help.

We want you to post your feedback on all finalists on the Golden Tee's social media channels.

What do you like about a design? What do you love? What would you do differently?

While course designer Jim Zielinski will ultimately have the final say, we will take all feedback and use it in one final judges meeting to determine a top three and eventually a winner.

So let’s get going and welcome our second finalist.

Let's say hello to Menacing Medley, a drivable Par 4 with by Eric Manfredi.

Click on each image to enlarge!

This drivable par 4 is all about offering a variety of options for tee boxes and types of approaches from each box.  However what makes it unique is the large tiered green with each tier offering a sizable landing area for your approach shot.  The design itself has 3 tiers with the intention of having the middle tier being the lower tier, although you could also make it the higher tier to add difficulty.  However I think splitting it down the middle into 2 tiers instead is also an option.  Either way would offer a variety of possible pin locations.  

As presented the tee boxes are each measured from the center of the box to the center of the green, leaving room for variation of distances from each box.  The farthest tee box shown is placed at 300+ yards with a straight angle of approach while the other 3 locations may require a small to large cut shot or potentially a high tee over the trees.  Also with the variety of tee boxes offered it will play nicely into the time released tee boxes we are now seeing.

I think that this generic theme can fit into a variety of different course themes - whether they are pine trees or palm trees that you are faced with.  Overall this hole was meant to never be predictable going into it and stay interesting throughout the year.  I think it can be a challenge for all skill levels of players.

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