Summer Swing final results!
20 Home Edition owners battled it out over the last few weeks to reign supreme!

Summer Swing 2018 results!

After four weeks of qualifying and another few weeks of hard work and dedication, twenty Golden Tee Home Edition owners battled it out to see who was the best player on the 2018 courses and also to see who would win themselves a free Golden Tee 2019 update for their home game!

Each player who qualified for our final swing was sent out a locked conditions card to ensure that each player had the same wind, pin position and tee boxes.

After the seven courses were played and totaled together, Minnesota's Allan Zerull beat out fellow Minnesota player Tony Johnson with a total score of -202 and 262,289 Great Shot Points to score himself a free update!

Allan Zerull -202 262289 41032
Tony Johnson -198 172060 39760
Jared Decker -198 126977 38040
Adam Harris -185 225731 37421
Chad Hobbs -185 142022 36575
Bryce Leppek -185 114711 33304
Frank Knowles -181 89641 32097
Shane Tommer -181 80288 35615
Steve Beattie -180 118029 34000
Eric Platek -178 113886 37788
Michael Bowling -176 108858 33690
Skipper Horner -175 115003 31641
Thomas Widener -173 133727 35239
Gerard Montigny -167 58773 33933
Josh Mertzig -167 29855 33532
Cory Neely -163 104155 31208
Justin Wilson -156 73273 30988
Michael Cutting -118 29804 25269

Tony and Jared Decker score themselves a few dollars off of their update while the rest of the players in the Summer Swing final are going to receive a GT gift card for their hard work.

John Lukowski is the winner of a free update for winning our mystery category of longest drive with a distance of 451.11 yards and Jeremy Kanak is the random winner of our free update just for playing 10 games on each of the courses during all four weeks of Swing qualifying.

If you have any questions about the Summer Swing contest or would like to order your very own Golden Tee Home Edition or 2019 update, please feel free to reach out to us at!

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