New 2019 tee boxes on Monday
New tee start on the five main 2019 courses on 4/1 and this ain't a joke!

New 2019 tee boxes coming soon!

Although Monday, April 1st, is known as "April Fool's Day," we promise you that what you're about to read isn't a joke!  New tee boxes and new pin placements are coming to the main 2019 courses!

Starting this Monday, Catedrais Beach, Sandhill Woods, Beals Creek, Agave Ranch and Pembroke Links will all look different to players of all skill levels!

Although you will see some tee boxes that look similar to what you've been playing since October, a majority of holes will have their looks completely changed up with new tee boxes!

Some holes, like the Agave Ranch hole seen above, will even change par!  Other holes will see tee boxes on the completely opposite side of the hole, completely changing your view of a particular hole.

The possibilities are endless and there are plenty of new places for you to explore!  Good luck! 

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