#RealTimeRival: Sandy Hazard
Our second golfer for RTR will talk the talk even if she doesn’t always walk the walk.

#RealTimeRivals: Sandy Hazard

When Golden Tee 2019 starts to get installed on thousands of games across the nation next Tuesday, John Daly's Real Time Rivals mode is sure to be a hit.

There are 9 different characters to choose from in three different divisions of this casual mode of play: bronze, silver and gold.

The bronze division is for the brand new players.  Everything these golfers do, should probably make you think otherwise for your own shot.

Let's meet the second golfer: Sandy Hazard

Try your best to not be intimidated as she talks the talk, even if she doesn't always walk the walk.  As her name implies, she loves the beach and enjoys the water.  Both are perfect for a sunny summer day, but don't work too well on the golf course!

This trash talker has a handicap of +1.99 and even though she's a better golfer than Duffer Dan, she will be a great opponent for new players as they try to perfect their game!

#RealTimeRivals: Sandy Hazard


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