Introducing Sandhill Woods
Backwoods North Carolina is now the Proud Home of a 2019 Course

Welcome to Golden Tee 2019 Course Logo Week™! By Friday, you will have seen all five new course logos in our upcoming 30th Anniversary Edition of Golden Tee AND read about a) where the course is located and b) some of the unique identifiers that make this course special.

Next week, we’ll take it one step further and show you the first screens shots. But for now, enjoy our first taste of 2019 and intel on where you’ll be teeing off come September.


It’ll require back roads and a map to get there—your GPS will do you no good here—but Sandhill Woods offers golfers something they treasure—spectacular, immaculate tranquility. Although the town of Pinebluff, North Carolina is only 2.4 square miles and home to a thousand or so good natured residents, this is now one of the prestigious homes in Golden Tee. The pine trees are tall, as the town’s name would indicate, and the pine straw will provide an atypical surface you’ll learn to hit from. And the closing hole here might just be the most fascinating, curse-word-inducing design in all of 2019.

Golden Tee PGA TOUR 2023
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