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Golf Ball Customization is Reaching New Heights in Golden Tee 2018

Customization week carries onward with one of the most significant, eye-popping additions to date. In Golden Tee 2017, we introduced Build-a-Ball: a method to customize the look and feel of your very own golf ball, down to ball color, attributes and effects.

In 2018, we’re loading up on available options that you’ll be able to select from the GT Caddy app. (We say it every time and we will say it again here; if you have not downloaded this beautiful creation yet, do so now.)

Gone are the days of having only a few ball colors to pick from—we’ve more than doubled the arsenal of ball colors. This includes baby blue, lime green (yes, you can still see it fine), purple and many more.

But that’s not all. The effects library—aka, the trail behind each ball—has expanded a great deal. In total, you will have more than 30 (!!!) different trails, tracers and effects to pick from. Beyond some of the fun ones we added last year, we have the full rainbow to pick from that will look a lot like the trails you see on your couch while taking in some weekend golf.

There are effects that are multi-color, that change color in air and more. You have a full vault of customization options when it comes to your golf ball—including two new ball attributes to pick from.

As a for tease, we have you covered. Amazing music included, of course.

Golden Tee PGA TOUR 2023
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