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Don't Just Customize Your Golfer; In 2018, Change the Look of Your Clubs!

Since 2005, Golden Tee LIVE has allowed you to express yourself through your character—from serious golfer attire to an astronaut wearing flip flops and a pimp suit, customization has been as much a part of the game as the courses themselves.

In Golden Tee 2018, a new level of customization is here. Long gone are the days of customizing your golfer. This fall, your equipment can also be customized for the look you see fit.

Yes, Build a Bag allows you to pick what clubs you want in your bag. But using the GT Caddy app—which you need to download if you haven’t already for your Apple or Android device if you haven’t by now—you can also change the look of your clubs as well.

The club head, shaft and grip are each customizable this year with more than 10 different looks. Play an all-pink club set if you please, or try intimidation tactics with blood red. Or, go all ‘Merica on the rest of your opponents.

Play three different colors across all three—or select the same color for consistency sake.

The choice is 100 percent yours, and the customization option will be available for both your Build a Bag club sets AND club sets already found in the game right now. The cost to color-ify your clubs is $1 total.

Build different combos and get your colors just like. Express yourself, all for the cost of a buck.


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