The Champ Gets Freaky
Do You Have What it Takes to Take Mark Stenmark's Brutes McGutes Challenge?

It’s good to be the champ. Mark Stenmark can attest to that. Outside of winning $10,000, getting your face in the game and designing your own club set for 2018, Stenmark also had the distinguished honor of drawing up his own Freaky Friday.

His day is coming—this week, in fact. And he has made it clear that the word “Freaky” will be on full display on July 21.

Stenmark didn’t just map out 18 random holes for the Daily Contest. No, he took a deep dive into the game and the courses and the holes he wanted to include a totally unique design

Unique is one way to describe it. Some might have another name for a course he appropriately named ‘Brutes McGutes.’

“I picked roughly 90 of the toughest holes from all of the courses,” he said. “From that list, I narrowed it down to 18 of the toughest.”

Now, before you cringe in horror, Stenmark did limit the number of Hole 18s in his design. And while we won’t share his entire layout—that’s part of the fun, you see—he did create a challenging but fair (we think) 18-hole layout.

And did we mention the name of the course is Brutes McGutes? That alone should have you sprinting to your local watering hole to play this week’s Freaky Friday on the Daily Contest between 12 a.m. and 11:59 p.m. on Friday.

Will it be hard? Oh, you bet your ass it will be. But it’s supposed to be a challenge. This is the champ’s design, and he wants you to see what you have in the tank.

And that we will. You’re ours, Brutes McGutes. 

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