Two New Ways to Play
Golden Tee 2018 Will Welcome New Technology and New Golf Balls!

The thought was that every type of golf ball had been made—that Golden Tee had tapped into all of the possible playing combinations a player could pick from. Then, behind the scenes, the Golden Tee masterminds decided to add a new golf ball behavior entirely.

That’s where we begin heading into Golden Tee 2018. For the first time in years, two new golf balls will be available for purchase—or Build a Ball customization—in the game.

“We essentially added a new way to tweak golf balls we haven’t had before,” Zielinski says of the additions. “This is a brand new technology and ball behavior altogether.”

Both of Golden Tee 2018’s new golf balls will tap into a new technology. The basic premise of these changes is simple: both new balls will have a new Slik Traveler coating that will limit their drag. This coating will allow the ball to move forward further, although not in the way one would quantify “roll.”

“We’re taking the brakes off the ball,” Zielinski added. “It will move through rough and sand traps and other elements more freely and naturally. This isn’t added acceleration; it’s more of an adjustment to how the ball decelerates, and you’ll notice a difference right away.

That brings us to the two new balls that will debut in Golden Tee 2018. Both balls will tap into this new technology in different ways.

The Vanguard will be a more lofted golf ball with a distance boost and “normal” backspin and roll. The Rambler will be a low lofted ball that will also have increased distance, particularly on side spin and cut.

Each ball is constructed differently but similar at the core: both will utilize a new technology and provide yet another possible weapon to attack pins with.

Want to know more? Look for a video preview of both golf balls in the near future, and be sure to stay tuned to for more.


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