Do We Need to Give Any Further Hints About This Week's #freakyfriday Theme?

The theme is clear: WATER EVERYWHERE.

And we promise whether you want to hug or scream at our latest #freakyfriday theme, which is live until midnight central, it delivers.

Yes, the Daily Contest has been taken over by this special hazard ranging wildly in colors: light blue, dark blue, deep blue, blue blue; this week’s special #freakyfriday will test you on nearly every single shot.

Our weekly celebration of Golden Tee’s wacky and weird takes no Fridays off.

Water will be in play from start to finish, so bring golf balls. Seriously, bring some and then bring a few more. And then when you think you’ve brought enough, bring a few more just to be certain.

While there is plenty of water, the chance to drop a huge score is there. Plus, the round ends on a drivable par-5! Now you can really exit with a bang (or a splash).

Golden Tee PGA TOUR 2023
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