Play Backwards Bonnie Moor!
Don't Miss Our Special "Freaky Friday" Event on Wednesday, Nov 23!

It is a Golden Tee holiday—a night that demands beers and poor decisions and bars. You know this night as a few different things: #BlackoutWednesday, the day before Thanksgiving, etc.

This year, you will know it as something else: the day Bonnie Moor, our most popular course ever created, was played backwards.

Yes, Freaky Friday is making its Wednesday debut. We’re using the method to create custom 18-hole creations in the Daily Contest and bringing it over to November 23.

We’re adding money, too. So between 12:01 a.m. and 11:59 p.m. next Wednesday—as you celebrate pre-turkey day in all its glory—you can play Bonnie Moor in reverse.

What will it be like? We have absolutely no idea, outside of the six-hole preview below. But Bonnie Moor served as our first-ever special Daily Contest event on this very night a few years ago, and we’re keeping with tradition. And yes, we’re tweaking it some.

So get ready. Next week, we’re doubling down on Freaky Fridays. Here is a look at what you can expect on Backwards Bonnie on Blackout Wednesday, which has a lovely ring to it, from a guy wearing a turkey hat.

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