Golden Tee 2017 Will Begin Shipping on Monday, September 26!

We have a date. A date you should save. A date you should carve your schedule around immediately.

This date that will ultimately impact your decisions. This date is September 26, 2016.

Write this down. It is the day that Golden Tee 2017 will begin shipping to bars and locations around the country. It is the day that the game you know and love will be changed for good, for countless reasons we have made clear over the past few months. We will continue to do this, by the way.

Now, a few notes about “Ship Day.”

Monday, September 26 will not be the day Golden Tee 2017 shows up in your bar. It is the day it will be in transit. The rest of that week, starting with September 27, will be the first day ’17 updates start popping up.

Your game will be updated. Patience, friends. Operators will be extremely busy traveling around to different locations. As they do, the Find a Game in the GT Caddy app and on LIVEWIRE will update accordingly. You’ll want to be glued to that. We’ll have more on that soon.

For now, you need to mentally prepare yourself accordingly. September 26 is little more than two weeks away. That’s soon. Real soon.

Time to prepare.


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