The Perfect Time to Buy
Purchase a Golden Tee Home Edition, Receive the 2017 Update FOR FREE!

The situation is magnificent and as follows: Order a Golden Tee Home Edition now (tomorrow, or the next day, or the next month) and you will receive the Golden Tee 2017 update for FREE.

That’s right. Get the game right away—master the 55 courses already included, play online, upload YouTube shots, do all the joyous things this game has to offer—and then have an entire new world of Golden Tee sent to you as soon as the update is ready to ship.

It’s beautiful, really. If you have waited for the perfect time to order a game, now is that time.

To say this is the most ambitious update we have ever done would be an understatement. The addition of Player Invitationals means that you, Joe Home Owner, will soon be able to compete in private contests for bragging rights or cash prizes.

This is coming in Golden Tee 2017, and we cannot stress enough just how awesome it will be.

There are many other features coming as well, including the triumphant return of some fan favorites—exclusive to the game—and the debut of a game mode that will receive rousing applause.

This, on top of the 60-course library, high-performance equipment, fantastic clothing options, online game modes and so much more make the Golden Tee Home Edition a specular investment. And with all of these new features being sent to you for FREE once they ship—official launch date still to come—it makes sense that now would be the appropriate time to join in.

Heard enough? Contact us today to place an order or ask any question you might have. For information on pricing, features and more, visit


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