Recapping the Ultimate Cycle
The Golden Tee Home Edition's Monster July Event Has Ended; See How it Played Out

In a single month, 111 Golden Tee Home Edition players—a significant chunk of this evolving landscape—played all 55 LIVE courses. Some played all of these courses twice. Others played much more than that.

This is a big deal. You all are amazing and perhaps a little insane. We love you because of these features, and we will continue do amazing things that push these glorious traits a step further.

The goal of the Ultimate Cycle was to determine just how passionate our Golden Tee Home Edition fan base truly was, and you responded. Throughout the month, we updated you on the number of people who played all 55 courses.

We did not update you on score, however, which is what we’re going to do right now. On top of simply playing all 55 courses, we also took the top scores for a player on each course and added them together.

And to not bury the lede any longer, this is how the Ultimate Cycle played out score-wise.

The top 10, all highlighted below, will walk away with prizes. A full list of those treasures is available here. Our first-place prize, a free 2017 update, will go to Minnesota’s Tony Johnson. But, oh, was it close!

How close? Very, very close. Michael Bowling was only a few shots away! Many others weren’t far behind.

Congratulation to Tony—who averaged better than -26 per game over all courses. And congrats to everyone who completed the full cycle.

Again, this participation surpassed our wildest dreams and expectations, which you often do. 

As for our random 2017 update winner, that honor goes to Brian Park. Brian was randomly selected out of the 111 names listed below. Congratulations go out to him as well.

Everyone else who played all 55 courses will receive $55 off their update order this year. Just be sure to mention it when you get ready for the new installment. Break out your magnifying glasses or click to enlarge.

Here is that full list of Golden Tee iron men and women with complete standings.

We will do many more of these events in the future, that much we know. Be sure to tune into for much more.


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