Let The Game (Almost) Begin
Callaway and Golden Tee are Partnering Up For One of Golf's Most Celebrated Weeks

We will save the grand, master reveal for early Monday morning. This is merely a tease, and tease we shall.

But as we inch closer toward one of golf’s most celebrated weeks—four days of glorious course doctoring at Oakmont, a challenge that will do its best to bring grown men to tears—we are gearing up accordingly.

Golden Tee and Callaway have partnered up next week to bring you something special for a week that deserves it. And while we will save all the juicy details for early Monday, the image above should provide a preview of the treasures that are to come.

#XR16GOLDENTEE is coming, friends. Prepare your minds, typing fingers and magnificent golf knowledge accordingly.

[End Tease]


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