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The Daily Contest Throwback Thursday is LIVE on Whispering Valley

The foundation of LIVE started here—with five original and unique courses that catapulted the game to a new platform.

That was some time ago, although these locations are still very visible in the game. In fact, thanks to Throwback Thursdays on the Daily Contest, it is much more than that.

Between now and midnight central, you can test your luck (or skill) on Whispering Valley, an ’05 gem that comes fully equipped with hot air balloons bubbling in the background. There is golf to be played, too. Lots of it, in fact.

Play as many games as you please to improve your score. Once you fire one, you’re in. Not satisfied? Hone in on the conditions to best that number. The top 400 players will walk away winners.

Next week, we will do Throwback Thursday all over again. And on top of heading somewhere a bit more mountain-y, we will double up on the action with Friday as well.

Don’t miss our Daddy’s Day Daily—a $1,000 added contest that will take place on Sunny Wood. Big week ahead, and we’ll get there.

For now, enjoy the sounds of Whispering Valley.


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