Wanna See a 443-Yard Ace?
The Second Longest Hole-in-One of the LIVE Era Has Been Hit; You Gotta See It

It is not the longest hole-in-one in the history of Golden Tee, although it is awfully close. Not only that, it likely is the longest ace to ever come without the use of a Golden Tee, which is an achievement worthy of a celebration. Internet praise and a hefty golf clap over the computer screen will have to suffice. 

This 448-yard hole-in-one on Highland Links a few years back is the longest known LIVE hole-in-one that we know of. While Mark Stenmark’s latest ace falls just short of that, he did accomplish the feat on Heather Point—the Classic Course of the Week—that does not allow the use of tees. This one is all-natural, which is astonishing.

Even more astonishing is the fact that it could have gone even further, but the cup got in the way just as the ball hit the 443-yard mark. That’s more than 43,000 Great Shot Points on one shot, which is absurd.

Although we saw this hole aced a few times last week—including a handful from over 400 yards—none were from this distance. It’s not the longest ever, but goodness was it close.


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