Take the Rushmore Challenge
Our $500 Added Special Daily Contest Event on Black Hills is LIVE!

Put down your fear and pick up that golf club (well, trackball). Today is the day we conquer Black Hills, one of Golden Tee’s most celebrated challenges in its long, magnificent history.

Oh, it’s not easy. I wouldn’t possibly attempt to convince you otherwise. There are holes that will make you want to curse at those who created it, which is fine. Go ahead and curse me out at the cabinet, buddy. If you do, that means you’ve taken the Rushmore Challenge.

We’ve added $500 to the prize pool today, which will indeed be all about Black Hills. You have until midnight central to post your best score—honing in on the same wind, pins and conditions—and you can play as many games as you like to try to get it.

The prize pool will start at $1,600, although it likely won’t end there. The more play that comes in, the higher it will grow. At midnight central we’ll close the doors and payout the top 400 finishers.

Today is the day Black Hills falls. Whether you’re new to the course or revisiting old wounds, the Rushmore Challenge is a way for you to tackle one of the game’s great obstacles.

Plus, the views on 18 are spectacular. We’re playing on Mount Rushmore after all. What a wonderful day it will be.


Golden Tee PGA TOUR 2023
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