Renovation Complete
Find-a-Game Gets a New Look and Goes Social on!

One of Golden Tee’s most relied on applications has received a facelift. Not just that, but the Find-a-Game headquarters is now equipped to handle all of your GT social needs.

The ability to like and favorite locations on the GT Caddy debuted earlier this year, allowing players the ability to celebrate the best Golden Tee hotspots with a thumbs-up or a star, aka a favorite. It’s a way for us to recognize the truly specular cabinets—the great track balls, the service, the playing experience and the locations that just get it right.

Now, this feature can be yours right here. The Find-a-Game center has been completely rebuilt, which will a) make it much more user friendly and b) allow for you to be a part of the process. You can see the changes in motion here.

This remodeling is not the only major difference. Players can now save credit cards with a token in their Player Account, which will make adding funds to your Golden Tee Wallet easy and seamless. This is another feature that debuted on the Caddy that has been brought over.

That general theme—the connection between app and website—is not something that will be ending anytime soon. With some exciting new additions on the horizon, both the GT Caddy and LIVEWIRE will continue to sync to create a better overall experience.

Be sure to check out these changes, and stay tuned for the exciting things to come.


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