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Two Exciting, Social and Useful Additions Make Their Way to the GT Caddy!

There are so many glorious things in store, we can hardly contain ourselves. And while it would be easy to be consumed by the future, we can’t simply look ahead. There are things going on right now—new things—that you absolutely need to explore.

The latest update to the Golden Tee Caddy—our GT companion app—is now available for Apple and Android devices. For those of you who have downloaded the Caddy, already be sure that you are up and running with the latest version.

For those who don’t have the Caddy yet, you should absolutely download the Apple or Android version now. You’re going to love what you can do; you’re also going to love where we’re headed.

The latest update gives users two very notable changes, starting with Find-a-Game.

Don’t just locate a game near you. While the Find-a-Game has long been a staple when it comes to tracking down Golden Tee, we’ve added a fascinating new layer on the Caddy.

Now you can not only track down games, but you can also like certain locations with thumbs up and mark a location as your favorite. Give one of your favorite locations a little social love; help out travelers who might be looking for a quality Golden Tee experience in your area.

Both likes and favorites will now be sortable as well, which will add an entirely new element to selecting a cabinet. As teased above, this is the first taste of some very exciting social enhancements we plan to take. Now is the time to start.

The other notable, time-saving modification is the tokenization of credit cards when it comes to adding funds to your Player Wallet. Gone are the days of having to repeatedly reenter your credit card information each and every time you wanted to add to your account.

Once your credit card it tokenized, you’ll be able to replenish your account with just a few button hits every time. For those who add fund regularly, you know just what an addition this will be.

Update or download the GT Caddy today—not just for the amazing new features that we’re so happy to introduce, but also the incredible advancements that will make their way to your tablet or cell phone later this year.

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