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Classic Course of the Week is Now LIVE on Golden Tee 2016!

You have waited for this day since Golden Tee 2016 launched. And now, after many months, a new era of Golden Tee LIVE is, well, live.

Classic Course of the Week is ready for action, which means you’ll be able to play some of the most popular vintage LIVE courses ever created in 50-man prize play games.

Each Monday, a new course will take center stage. It will become a selectable course on the Prize Play screen alongside the five 2016 options. The first playable course is none other than the magnificent Kangaroo Trail—a 2005 creation that is being brought back to life.

Next week, Kangaroo Trail will give up the spotlight for another course. We will do this lovely exchange until it’s time for Golden Tee 2017—meaning endless variety will now become the norm.

Enjoy, and we will sure be back on much more as to where we are headed next. Stay tuned.


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