Behold The Miniature Golfer Giveaway Code!
Our Boldest, Wildest, Craziest Golfer Customization Yet Goes LIVE!

If you have always wished that you could play Golden Tee with a golfer the size of a field mouse, today is your day, friend.

The Miniature Golfer Giveaway Code is LIVE, giving you the opportunity to shrink your golfer to near golf-ball size. Why would we possibly do something like this, you ask?

Why not?

To unlock this truly unbelievable customization, highlight and select “Giveaway Code” during any LIVE game and enter the following code one time.


I repeat: That’s the numbers zero and one followed by DONTBEAFOOL.

Once you do this, your golfer will undergo his massive transformation. Have no fear, however. Just because he’s small, it doesn’t mean you’ll lose any power on your drives or approaches. Heck, he might even hit it further than before.

Enjoy the code. And tune in on Monday for the special Giveaway Code to revert your golfer back to normal size!


Golden Tee PGA TOUR 2023
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