Introducing Fools Gold!
On Friday, April 1, Money $hot Will Enjoy a Special $500 Boost; No Joke!

For the first time since it launched last fall, Money $hot will enjoy its own magnificent spotlight.

Do not let the date fool you. This is not attempt at April Fools’ tomfoolery. This is Fools Gold, and we mean that in the best possible way.

On Friday, April 1, Money $hot will enjoy a $500 boost, pushing the starting total from $800 to $1,300.

Of course, allow me to point out the obvious. This $1,300 start is merely that—a start. The more play that comes in, the more the prizes—300 in all—can grow. By the time midnight central rolls around and we say farewell to April 1, the top prizes on this could be extraordinary.

Allow me to point one more obvious point: it costs just a buck to play. That’s it. Although you can play Money $hot as many times as you please during this 24-hour stretch, it only takes one shot to win it all.

Tuck next to the cup-less pin on your first attempt, and that might be that.

Play one, play many. It doesn’t matter. The more you play, the more it grows. We are excited to see what the day will look like, and we hope you join us. Just play Money $hot on Friday, April 1 between 12:01 a.m. and 11:59 p.m. central time, and you’ll be included in our special event.

I repeat: this is NOT an April Fools’ joke. Promise. Pink swear. See you there.

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