The June/July Open Heads for the Finals
Our First-Ever Callaway Tour Event is Down to 20; One Game Remains!

After four glorious, competitive weeks of qualifying—a span that saw thousands upon thousands of games played—the June Open, soon to be the July Open, has reached the next stage.

What a start to our Callaway Tour.

Before we proceed any further, we must first thank, well, all of you. Your passion, interest, dedication and in some instances obsession—but the good kind—was on display throughout the past four weeks, where we qualified 20 golfers on four different courses.

Thank you for showing us how much you care. Whether you qualified or not, there will be many more contests like these to come.

Before we get to the results of Pearl Lagoon, our final stop, and what’s to come, let’s highlight the winner of the FREE Golden Tee 2016 update. To be included in this raffle, a player had to complete at least 10 games on all four courses (or 40 total). And while John Todd didn’t crack the Top 5, he will have his game updated on us. Congrats John!

As for Pearl Lagoon, the scoring, as one might imagine, was off the charts. With only five spots left, play was intense. When the week had ended, the players with the best 10-game average were as follows.

Bryant Wiegers, the King of DNFs, also had himself a monstrous week with an average score of -27.3 and 422,738 Great Shot Points. Butch Cooper (-26.6) was second, and Adam Fitzgerald, Mike Donahue and Quentin Shaw rounded out the Top 5.

These five will be placed in a finalist pool that is now complete: 20 golfers will be sent a locked conditions card. When they receive this card, they will have until July 18 to play one game—that’s it—for magnificent Callaway prizes.

Here are the prizes they’ll be playing for.

1st) Callaway XR Driver

2nd) Odyssey Works Putter

3rd) Callaway Mack Daddy 2 Tour Wedge

4th-10th) Box of Callaway Chrome Golf Balls

11th-15th) Callaway Golf Towel

16th-20th) Callaway Hat

And here is the group of players who will be competing for the gear. Here is your first batch of Callaway Tour finalists.

If you are one of the players mentioned above, be sure to check the mail in the coming days. We will be mailing you a locked conditions card with instructions on how to use this card. You will have ONE game to play that will determine your finish—not two, or three—just one game on Rocky Hollow.

Oh, the tension. Oh, the drama. Oh, the magnificence of this event. It should be fun; stay tuned for updates on the June/July Open Finals.

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