Boost Your Player Account Here!
The Player Wallet Makes its LIVEWIRE Debut; Add Funds Today!

Of the many significant changes to be made to LIVEWIRE over the past week or so, none are more impactful than the ability to add money into your Player Account directly on the website.

Although this ability already existed on the GT Caddy app, those without the app can now get in on the action. For whatever reason—to purchase clothing, to prep for a long weekend of Golden Tee or to impress your friends—you now have the ability to do so simply by logging into your Player Account.

Just log in, click on Player Wallet under the Transactions tab and you’ll be granted instant access: Using a credit card, you will be able to add anywhere between $5 and $100 to your account.

The funds will be instantly added to your account. The next you play, you will have access to them and will be able to use as you please.

You will also be able to purchase equipment and clothing from your Golden Tee Caddy app. You now have more options than ever before at your fingertips.

Golden Tee PGA TOUR 2023
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