Meet Me on the Bayou
Throwback Thursday is LIVE on the Swampy Bayou Bay!

Home of airboats and alligators, Bayou Bay—a marsh–filled Golden Tee stop—is today’s Throwback Thursday location. If you play the Daily Contest before midnight central tonight, you’ll be thrown into this 18-hole voyage through the swamp.

Play as many games as you please—honing in on pins and winds, mastering various tee boxes. The conditions, just like usual, will not change. The top 400 finishers, just like usual, will walk away with cash prizes.

Track your scores on the Online Daily Contest Leaderboard or the Golden Tee Caddy.

Next week, we will take our show on the road once more and visit a new (well, vintage) Golden Tee location. See you there.

Golden Tee PGA TOUR 2023
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