Design-a-Hole Finalist: Countryside Lake
A Par-5 With Various Routes and Plenty of Water

The next stage of the 2016 Design-a-Hole Contest has begun. After more than 150 submissions, the group has been narrowed down to 10 by our DAH judges. One of the 10 designs revealed over the next two weeks will be a playable hole in Golden Tee 2016.

Before we get there, however, we need your help deciding which design would fit best in the game you know and love.

We want to your feedback. You can post it in the comments section below or on the Golden Tee Facebook Page, which serves as our unofficial hub for the contest. Each day we will highlight one design and we encourage you to share some feedback on what you think.

Once all 10 finalists have been revealed, our judges will take your feedback, look over each again and narrow it down once more before crowning a winner.

Here is Finalist No. 7, a par-5 with plenty of water to be found (and hopefully avoided). Click each image for their full size and be sure to read the description below.


Water Skipper (Par-5) by Eric Manfredi

This par 5 outlines a small body of water with plenty of trees surrounding the lake.  Off the tee you will find yourself with several different options, each requiring its own shot type.  There will be some strategy involved as wind and pin location will definitely factor into your decision.

The first option is all about power and accuracy as you will be forced to carry your ball 365yds to a thin landing area on the second fairway.  Placement on that landing area is important as you will have to navigate your ball between 2 trees in order to find the green.  The next option is taking your ball onto the island landing area.  From there you will have a shorter shot towards the green but tree trouble will make it difficult to find the right side of the green.  The last option available to you off the tee is making a slight bend to the left onto the landing strip.  Although there is more risk going this route, the payoff is being able to work with the entirety of the green.  Getting further down the strip will be beneficial as you will improve your angle and distance with the chance to give yourself a straight shot into the green.

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