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Celebrate Valentine's Day on the Daily Contest This Thursday

Golden Tee loves you very much. In fact, to show how much Golden Tee loves you, it’s going to up the ante for the Daily Contest this Thursday.

Ladies, fear not. This Valentine’s Day-themed contest is not actually on Valentine’s Day. It’s on Thursday, February 12. The weekend is all yours.

But this Thursday is a different story. And to celebrate the occasion, Golden Tee is taking its Daily Contest romance to Paris. Of course it is. Laurel Park, you’re up.

This week’s Throwback Thursday course isn’t just a trip down memory lane. The Daily Contest will move to Laurel Park at 12:01 a.m. on Thursday, and it will do so with an added prize pool bump: $500 will be added out of the gate, pushing the total prize pool up to $1,600.

As a result, expect bigger payouts for 400 winners.

To participate, all you have to do is play. Head to your local Golden Tee 2015 cabinet, select Daily Contest and play as many rounds as you’d like on the same conditions. Your best score will then be shown on the Daily Contest Leaderboard on the GT Caddy app.

That’s it. Make Golden Tee your Valentine this Thursday.

That sounds really, really weird, but just go with it. See you on Laurel Park; bring flowers.

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