Course Caddies: Sparkling Waters No. 13
We're Staying Between the Pines on This Fascinating Par-3

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Sparkling Waters No. 13

The path to this par-3 green is defined more than any other design in the game. In fact, thanks to the bystander trees standing guard, you know precisely where you need to be—and where you cannot end up—on Hole 13.

Although the trees are intimidating at first glance, you have more flexibility here than you might have initially believed. A fairway wood can get up and over everything, although you shouldn’t start eagerly testing this theory. You should proceed with caution here, recognizing that this is not the place to flex your trackball muscles.

While you might have some flexibility depending on where the pin is located, birdie should be first, second and third on your priority checklist. The aggression game plan—one will get to—should rarely be tapped.

Round to round, your strategy will depend greatly on where the pin is located. If the hole is on the left or right sides of the green, then backspin (or bite) is a must. This is where your conservometer should begin to spike and you should approach this design in neutral.

Approach the hole with care, get it close enough, and make your putt.

If you’re given a pin directly in front of the tee box—along with a wind that is relatively easy to manage—going at the cup without any spin at all is an option, if you’re comfortable with the attempt.

This is where the green is at its largest, and more importantly, where you have the most room to miss. As a result, you can take advantage on these select, favorable occasions.


Be mindful of the trees, the sandtraps and the scenarios and adjust accordingly. The name of the game here is to come away with a birdie chance that you’ll capitalize on each time through. If you can do that, you’ve done your job.

How do you play?

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