Course Caddies: Sparkling Waters No. 12
Let Your Driver Go to Work on This Two-Shot Par-4

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Sparkling Waters No. 12

Wait, what is that over there? Yes, that small slab of fairway tucked away in the trees?

The first few times through Hole 12 on Sparkling Waters, this is the question you asked yourself. As it turns out, however, this hidden fairway—at least from your standpoint—should be nothing more than a fun cosmetic addition.

This two-shot par-4 is one that should be attacked with the most simple approach: Hit your driver out into the fairway and take advantage of a clear, hazard-less approach to the green.

You should have one concern off the tee box, and most times it’s not really a concern at all. But with trees on the left side, you want to ensure a clean, open look at the green. This means you should not hold back with your driver and roll.

Get that ball out there so those big ol’ oaks never even come into play.

The approach shot is where your creativity can be tested, or at the very least, where you’ll have a decision to make. You’ll be hitting anything from a low hybrid to a driver for this next shot, which means you’ll have options when it comes to spin.

Much of this depends on your comfort and also your conditions: The large green means you can allow your ball to release if you please. If the pin is near the front of the green, backspin should be your option of choice.

You have options here, and regardless of how you attack the cup, birdie should be the goal.


The holeout, if you play the break in the green accordingly, is feasible. With little risk to speak of, you can take a chance on this design here or there. If you do, however, make sure the three on the scorecard is the fallback plan.

How do you play?

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