Course Caddies: Sparkling Waters No. 10
Kicking Off the Back Nine in Unfamiliar Fashion

This year’s breakdowns now include video of each hole being played, although your feedback is most appreciated on these designs. How do you play? Share your strategy or Golden Tee Great Shots in the comments below.

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Sparkling Waters No. 10

Gassed up, beer fueled and hot dog in hand, the back nine on Sparkling Waters begins in unfamiliar fashion. Rarely do you encounter par-3s first thing after the turn, although that is the case at Hole 10.

What’s notable—beyond more water—is that this design comes equipped with multiple tee boxes that will each greatly alter the shot. Straight on, you’ll likely be left with a fairway wood (maybe even a driver) or water; attacking from the side, you’ll have a much shorter, less stressful shot.

The longer of the two shots—the one featured in the video below—should have you thinking one simple plan: Stick the green, avoid the water and make a birdie. That’s it. This is not the time to be aggressive.

Although the green looks small from the tee, there is ample room to land. The most difficult decision on this hole comes down to spin—do you go with backspin or bite?

Much of this depends on your equipment or comfort, but you absolutely, positively do not want to spin back short. With a bank behind the back part of the green, you’re given a little safety blanket as well. This is all a fancy way of telling you to side toward bite before you take your swing.

From the side, the scenario changes some. Instead of doing anything in your power to avoid being short, take that same mentality and avoid missing right. A birdie putt is all you want.

You’ll have some more freedom to attack the pin in different ways—perhaps going at middle pins with no spin at all—but you should still stay cautious. Of course, playing cautious and winding up with favorable results is still a possibility.


Play for a birdie putt and stay dry. That’s what Hole 10 is all about. You just loaded up on beer, after all. There’s no need to spoil this lovely turn of events.

How do you play?

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