Course Caddies: Sparkling Waters No. 6
Stay Dry. Regardless of How You Attack This Par-5

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Sparkling Waters No. 6

There certainly is a lot of water on this course, isn’t there? You knew there would be—we’re in nature, after all—and the theme on the course continues on through Hole 6.

The second par-5 of the around offers you distinct options to attack the pin: You can cross over the water, hopefully, and on to the next fairway OR you can test your luck by hitting straight ahead and going to the green and much different fashion.

Let’s start with Option A, which should be your desired path to take if/when you have a favorable wind and tee box. The second shot will always be much easier in this instance, and you should take advantage of this path when you can.

Please note: A high tee will likely be required to get across and you DO NOT want to risk landing short and in the water. If you’re unsure, go the other way. The shot from the other fairway, however, will be relatively simple in nature. There’s nothing fancy about this strategy, but it works wonders when it comes to getting eagles.

When driving to the other side is not an option, you’ll have to go the longer route. This particular tee shot will require you to drive the ball straight down the first fairway while staying tucked along the left side (closer to the hole).

The approach will not be easy; it will require a fairway wood or driver and trees will likely be involved. If you can throw the appropriate cut on your shot and manage you distance, however, you should have favorable results.


Be careful if you attempt this route. Play for the green but also play safe. Birdie should be your fallback, and you should maneuver around the tree with care.

That should be your overall approach on this hole regardless of the path you take. The eagle can (and should) be yours, but don’t risk blowing up this early. There will be ample time for that.

How do you play?

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