iPhone Users Rejoice!
The Golden Tee Caddy is Now Available in the iTunes Store; Go Get It!

The Golden Tee Caddy—our first-ever player-centric app—is now available for download in the iTunes Store.

I cannot tell you how good that felt to type. You’ve waited patiently, and we’re thrilled that Apple users will now get to experience Golden Tee in a way they haven’t before.

Before you sprint away from this page to download the free app—don’t leave just yet, this will only take a second—here are a few points worth making regarding the download.

First, the features: For those new to the Caddy, you’ll now be able to monitor your stats, check your placement in LIVE contests, access regular Daily Contest updates, view your YouTube uploads, find a game near you and so much more. The Caddy brings the game to you no matter where you are.

And we’re only getting started.

Unlike the launch of the Caddy on Android, there was no beta period to gauge feedback. We wanted to get this out as fast as we possibly could. This means that your feedback at this time is crucial.

We want to hear your thoughts—improvements, suggestions, ideas and bugs—that you believe would help this moving forward. You can post those here, on the Golden Tee Facebook Page or on the app itself.

Second, if you really like the app—and you will if you’re a Golden Tee player who plays online, trust me on that—make sure to rate us. I’m not begging that you rate us well, but please show us some love if you download it and enjoy it. (Okay, maybe I am begging.)

Download the Golden Tee Caddy today. And if you're an Andorid user who has yet to download the app, we have you covered as well.

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