Rocky Road
No Need to Swerve It In on Rocky Hollow No. 8; You Can Play Right Through

Why go around when you can go right through, and eventually, right over?

That’s the first question that popped into mind upon watching the shot you will soon see on Rocky Hollow No. 8.

One of the more intriguing drivable par-4s on the course, Hole 8 gives you options. You can go around the giant rock obstacle protecting the green to the right or left. If the setup calls for it, you can also use a high tee and blast right over everything with a fairway wood.

Or, if you’re feeling really confident—or perhaps you’re just embracing the liquid courage—you can go straight through the design.

Now, results may vary. I feel obligated to mention this. But as you can see below, nothing should be off the table on this particular design.

Admire the shot. Admire the camera work. Admire everything about this beauty.

Golden Tee PGA TOUR 2023
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