Down the Home Stretch
Awesome Draw, Timing and More—Your Complete 2015 GT Home Edition Update

This is a wonderful time to own a Golden Tee Home Edition. Well, it’s always a wonderful time to have the world’s greatest arcade game in your basement or man cave, but right now—in particular—is an especially good time.

The release of the 2015 update is right around the corner. This means all the latest courses, features and additions—including clubs, balls and clothing—will be yours in a matter of weeks. Not months. Weeks.

As we work toward an official release date of 2015, there’s some business to tend to. For starters, if you have not ordered your update for your Golden Tee Home Edition, now is the time to reach out and ensure that you do.

And if you don’t own a GT Home Edition yet, well, now might be the time. Check out for more information or contact us

Oh, and watch this lovely little preview of what it includes.

But wait, there’s more.

Awesome Draw is back, which means you could walk away with prizes—including a FREE Golden Tee 2015 update—simply be preordering yours. Whether you’re updating your Golden Tee 2014 to a ’15 or a 2009 to the current version, you can be eligible to receive one of the prizes below if you put your order in before October 31.

1) Free 2015 Home Edition Update

2) $200 Gift Card

3) $100 off 2015 update

4) $100 off 2015 update

5) $100 off 2015 update

6) $50 Gift Card

7) $50 Gift Card

8) $50 Gift Card

9) Golden Tee LIVE Shirt

10) Golden Tee LIVE Shirt

We’ll have much more on the Golden Tee 2015 for the Home Edition as the release date approaches. For now, however, be sure to reach out to Chris Day on the Golden Tee Home Sales Team to ensure you’re ready for 2015. It’ll be here before you know it.

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