2015 Trailers Coming on Monday
It's That Time Again; See All Five Courses in Action Next Week!

Monday, Monday, Monday.

On Monday, July 28, the first Golden Tee 2015 course trailer will be released.

Yes, that’s the next Monday on the calendar. Yes, it’s okay to high-five your computer, why do you ask?

The rundown will look and feel a lot like what you’ve seen in recent years. Throughout next week, we will release one course trailer each day. By Friday, you will have seen all five 2015 courses in all their glory. And trust me on this, they are glorious.

Not only will you see the courses, but you’ll also find out exactly where they are and learn some early details about each. If you’ve been itching to see the courses in motion now you have your chance.

Can’t wait until then? Download the GT Caddy on the Google Play Store, click on “Stats” and check out the new course logos, which were released in the latest update. If you already have it, just update your app and follow the same steps.

And be sure to be here on Monday for course No. 1!

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