The PCC Approaches
Help Us Make This a Golden Tee Weekend to Remember

It’s pretty simple, really: If you sign up for the PCC, we—Incredible Technologies—will add another $100 to the tournament prize pool. All you have to do is go to the Players Charity Championship website, sign up, and we’ll add to the total that is already taking shape.

At the moment, more than 85 players have registered for the Players Charity Championship. This means more than $8,500 will be added at the very least.

The next question is: how much higher can it go?

The PCC4 is closing in fast, now just a week away. It will take place on June 5 through June 8 at Nero's Pizza & Pub in Algonquin, Illinois, and it promises to be the biggest Golden Tee tournament of the weekend. Bigger than the game itself, it’s also about the charities involved. Those charities include: SALUTE, INC., The Nikolas Ritschel Foundation and Starlight Children's Foundation, and you could read all about them here.

There are multiple ways to participate and help out. First, you can sign up, create a page, fundraise, attend the event and enjoy a wonderful weekend with wonderful people.

OR, if you can’t attend, you can also get involved.

***Donate $15 to my PCC page—which can be found here—and we’ll send you an exclusive PCC Golden Tee LIVE Player Card. We’re making these specifically for YOU, and these will be some of the best GT cards ever printed. 

Let’s take it one step further, though. Donate $25 to my page and you’ll receive the Golden Tee Player Card AND a Golden Tee LIVE t-shirt.

All for helping out with three great causes.

Whether you play, watch or donate for some awesome Golden Tee gear, all help is appreciated. The PCC is closing in fast, and we want you to be a part of one of the more spectacular three-day events in the history of the game.

Golden Tee PGA TOUR 2023
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