Design-a-Hole Finalist: Point of Entry
Exploring Eric Manfredi’s Dream Par-5 Blueprint, Our Second DAH Finalist

A group of more than 150 has been narrowed down to 10. Now it’s time for YOU to help us decide which dream golf hole you’d like to see in Golden Tee 2015.

After a long afternoon of tape measuring, dissecting and Golden Tee discussion, the 2015 Design-a-Hole judges—led by course designer Jim Zielinski—selected this year group of finalists. Our winner will see their design in the next installment of the game AND receive their very own GT Home Edition.

The stakes are high. Now, over the next two weeks, you’ll help us decide the winner.

At this point, your feedback is crucial. While the judges will have the final say on which creation comes away victorious, hearing what the passionate fans of the game have to say plays an integral part in the contest. After all, you’ll be playing one of these 10 designs to be revealed in a matter of months. Your opinion matters a great deal.

So share your thoughts, especially on Each design will be highlighted for a full day and your comments are encouraged.

Next up, a par-5 with lots to digest. Be sure to check out all the images below. (Click to enlarge.)

Point of Entry (Par-5) by Eric Manfredi

Concept:   This peninsula style hole could be used on either a lake or ocean setting.  It is not limited to any theme with any specific tree type.  It is a simple risk/reward hole with several options off the tee, all with varying degrees of difficulty.  

Option 1 is simply laying up in the fairway.  The fattest part of the fairway is 180yds out and the farthest part is 220yds out.   

Option 2 is the larger part of the small circular fairway.  The shot is 275yds to the middle of the landing area which is roughly 30yds by 40yds wide.   With trees near the front edge of the landing area it may be necessary to shape your shot slightly to avoid them, or high tee it over everything.

Option 3 is the smaller part of that same circular fairway.  The shot again is 275yds to the middle of the landing area which is roughly 20yrds by 30yds wide.  I wanted this part of the fairway to be slightly sloped towards the water with no fringe on the edge allowing the ball to easily roll off if not shot correctly.  The idea behind that was so that you needed to either bend your shot around those trees with bite/backspin or use a high tee with the risk of losing spin to stop it from rolling in.

Option 4 is going long to the second large fairway.  The very edge of it lies at 370yds out and 395yds to carry the bunker.  Clearly you will need strong tail wind in order to get there with the risk of hitting any of the bunkers near the landing area if you do.  The bunkers will have a depth that severely limits your approach shot towards the green.

Approach 2: This is 275 yards and requires a shape around the hill.  It is roughly a 40yds left to right shape from the point shown in the picture, it can be much less severe if you can get your tee shot to the left side of this landing area.  You will also be challenged to not hit it too close to the hill or too far out right, leaving an impossible shot.  

Approach 3 & 4: Again, the landing area off the tee will be slightly sloped towards the water with no fringe at the end.  There will be 2 intended options, both of which are 275yds to the green.  The green is slightly lower in elevation than this landing area making it play somewhat shorter.  This will allow the possibility of making a slight bend with the 3wood if wind is in your face, however using a driver will also be an option.   I wanted the tree (between those shot lines) to be at an elevation that would prohibit a 3/4wood from getting over but allow a 5wood to clear it, obviously the 5wood would need tailwind.  Also, getting farther down this small landing area would help your cause of using a 5 wood but would be more of a challenge to pull off.

The Green: This is the layout of the green.  There will be a Golden Tee slope rating of an 8, going towards the water.  It measures 100ft by 60ft.

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