Course Caddy: Turtle Island No. 4
Making the Most of the Round’s First Drivable Par-4

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Turtle Island Hole No. 4

Hello, lava.

Hole 4 on Turtle Island offers our first glimpse of Golden Tee’s sizzling hazard, although you’ll have to work hard to find it. That’s not to say it isn’t in play—because as you probably know by now, it can be—but there are ways to tackle this drivable par-4 to a) stay safe and b) put yourself in solid position for an eagle.

As is the case with shots like this, your approach will depend on where the pin is located. Regardless of where it might be, however, the elevation is worth noting. The ball carries here—especially with a an out wind—which means you have to get used to how fairway woods will react in certain settings.

Your 5-wood might go 250 to 255 yards normally, but it will effortlessly travel much farther here in certain conditions.

Outside of the lava, the large mound just left of the green can be both good and bad. The good, well, can be seen here.

The bad can be very bad, though. And the wrong hop off the side of this mound can send your ball in the rough or worse. Try not to hit it, because once you do the shot can be out of your control.

Instead, play around with the various spins. Because of the elevation, Bite serves as a great option here. Backspin, with certain winds, can work as well.

If the pin is tucked near the front portion of the green, this is the way you’ll want to play it.

If it’s near the middle or back part of the green—and you feel comfortable with the wind—then no spin at all certainly works.


Be mindful of the lava, and most importantly, play for a putt. If you can do that, you’ll walk away with eagle here more times than not. And that’s what it’s all about.

How do you play this hole?

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