Course Caddy: Shady Acres No. 10
The Back Nine Should Begin With a Blast Off The Tee

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Shady Acres Hole No. 10

Welcome to the slingshot hole. Hopefully the two images above will give you an idea where this design got its name.

The back nine on Shady begins with a two-shot par-4, one that can be tackled in a variety of ways depending on the current setup. The stream that runs through the middle and around the right side of the fairway is without question the main item of note here, and avoiding the water with your tee shot and your approach should be items No. 1 and 2 on your checklist.

What you do off the tee will greatly dictate how you approach this hole. And while this is indeed the slingshot hole, going right off the tee is never really a desirable option. There’s a window to go through—a tight one, but a window—and it could be a more difficult shot than you need to deal with.

Instead, try to get as close to the hole as you can… when you can.

Using a high tee, you can drive down the center (aka the left side)—avoiding the water at all costs—and you'll likely end up with a clean look at the hole. This should be your optimal blueprint to conquer this design, and it can often come with optimal results.


If you have to, laying back near the split in the fairway can also work. This will be a longer, more challenging shot, but it might be a viable option with a back tee box. If you’re unsure you’ll have success hitting it is far up as you can, this is a solid landing spot.

If you think you can get to—or close to—the clearing up ahead, however, go for it. It will make the hole much easier and the birdie or better more obtainable.

How do you play this hole?

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