Skipping Greatness
A Highlight Reel Shot and a Magical Skip Off a Pelican Hazard

Skipping the ball off a hazard in Golden Tee isn’t exactly a BREAKING phenomenon. We see this shot almost weekly at this point, although the attempts range in shot type and difficulty. Our latest skip attempt, however, might be the most incredible we’ve seen in some time.

Pelican Grove 15 isn’t a hole known for wild skip attempts. After this shot and a handful of others in recent days, that is likely to change.

Not only does this shot skip, but it skips from the middle of the hazard. We’re talking long-distance, quick-moving skills that lift the ball over the boundary guarding the green, but just barely.

Hopefully you don’t blink after this, because you’ll miss the ball going into the cup. It all came together on this one, and you will certainly be seeing this shot on your game next week.

This is a beauty.

Golden Tee PGA TOUR 2023
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