‘Tis the Season
All Golden Tee Holiday Giveaway Codes in One Place

There’s an indescribable joy in being able to dress your Golden Tee golfer like a snowman. Or Santa. Or a Christmas tree. Or a Christmas present.

The holiday catalog that has been unveiled over the years is deep, so deep that we’ve decided to hold off on newer holiday items for one year. You’ll be seeing plenty of new items in 2014, however.

But before we get there, let’s celebrate the presents of holidays past. After all, although these giveaway items aren’t new, they might be new to some of you.

To enter the clothing codes simply hit the "Options" button at any point during the game and highlight and select "Give Away Code." After doing that, you'll then be prompted to enter a 10-digit code to receive the holiday clothing items.

Here are your available options.

Christmas Present Hat – (2312252012)

Santa suit and Christmas tree hat – 0333333333 (Enter it four times for full set)

Snowman Outfit – 1412252010 (Enter it twice for full set)


Happy Holidays from Incredible Technologies!

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