Take Me to Your Leader
When Aliens Attack, Golden Tee Golfers Have Only One Choice to Make

It’s not just about the holes-in-one. In fact, sometimes the truly horrendous shots in Golden Tee are the ones that call for a celebration. At the very least, it can be these shots that lead to the strange moments that often go unseen.

Situated around each course are objects, some of which you know well. Yes, that dude was peeing behind the tree—and hey look, that guy over there is lying on the ground and he does not look to be in very good shape. Send help, or don't.

There are other items as well, and perhaps you’ve come across an alien (or his spaceship) before. These objects have indeed made the jump to Golden Tee 2014, and it would appear one golfer tracked it down after his shot went astray.

Not only did he track it down, but he put a very scientific question to this once he found it.

“What happens when I hit this alien with a golf ball?”

The answer can be seen (and heard) below.

Golden Tee PGA TOUR 2023
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