The Home Stretch
Purchase a Golden Tee Home Edition and Get Golden Tee 2014 FREE! It’s Fast Approaching!

On Sept. 23, Golden Tee LIVE 2014 will leave the IT warehouse and head to bars and locations around the country. Four to five weeks later—if all goes accordingly—the Home Edition 2014 updates will follow the same path.

The time for 2014 is now. And the Golden Tee Home Edition is gearing up for the launch of 2014 by offering up the update… FOR FREE.

All purchases between now and launch will include the Golden Tee 2014 update the day it starts shipping to the home. In the meantime, you can enjoy 2013, bring your game online, test your luck on the 40 LIVE courses and practice for when the big day hits.

And yes, if you’ve missed out on it before, the Golden Tee Home Edition is online, card reader and all. Just like at the bar, you can swipe your card, track your stats, compete against players in Glory Contests and see where you stack up against the rest of the virtual golfing world.

Upload your Great Shots on YouTube, use high-performance clubs, balls and tees and tackle the courses you know and love—soon to be a robust catalog of 45. The Golden Tee Home Edition is the game you know and love, and it’s about to get yet another significant upgrade with five all-new locations.

For information on pricing, subscription options, shipping information and the game itself, visit, your home for all things Golden Tee. Also be sure to tune in for an official release date of the 2014 update, which is closing in fast.

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