Let's Talk About Leagues
PowerPutt Peeps, It’s Time to Share the Wealth on Leagues that Work

Are you currently running or participating in a PowerPutt league? If so, we want to hear from you.

We’ve already heard from a handful of PowerPutt LIVE players and operators, and as we assemble some helpful information for leagues, we don’t want to stop there.

If you’re in a league that works, what works for you? How often do you play? How many courses? What are the prizes? What is the structure?

Contact us with all this details that would be helpful for others looking to kick off a league, and we’ll gladly provide your group with a fresh batch of PowerPutt LIVE t-shirts. It’s the least we can do, especially if we can spread the wealthy of mini-golf goodness.

Still looking for a PowerPutt LIVE 2013 game near you? Track one down with Find-a-Game, and stay tuned for much more on these mini-golf leagues.

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