Payment Options and Roll-N-Win
Please Take Note of This Small Silver Strike LIVE Announcement

The popularity of Silver Strike’s newest feature Roll-N-Win has prompted us to make some changes in the payment process. After all, we want you to be able to use all that Player Account money you’ve accumulated off your strikes and put it towards your games.

We have had a number of requests from players who would like to pay for games with their Player Accounts instead of always using cash.  To try and accommodate, Silver Strike will now ask each player how they want to pay before starting their game. 

If you started the game by inserting $1.00, just press Start on the new screen and the money on the game will be accepted.  If you wish to pay with your Player Account, simply swipe your card on this screen to retrieve your account balance.

We are currently looking at ways to improve this new screen and minimize confusion, but in the meantime please be sure to take note of the following changes.

And if you haven’t tried out Roll-N-Win yet, now would be the time. Two consecutive strikes can earn you money, while three consecutive strikes to close out a game will win you a little more!

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