Here Comes Roll-N-Win
Strike It Richer: Silver Strike LIVE's Latest Feature is Closing In

Silver Strike LIVE’s latest feature, Red Pin Roll-N-Win, will launch next week. We pushed it back a week, but it is very much on the way and you should be practicing your pressure throws accordingly.

What is Roll-N-Win? I’m glad you asked. Wait, you asked, right?

Put in $.50 before the tenth frame when you’re prompted to do so during an online game. If you hit two strikes, you’ll double your money and walk away with $1. Nail the strike in the final frame and $3 will be sent directly to your Player Account.

It’s that simple, although we’ll see if it’s that simple once the spotlight’s on.

Also in the works is the Silver Strike World Rankings. Much like the Golden Tee World Rankings, the SSWR will put players from the country in one giant leaderboard that updates daily. We’ll have much more on this soon.

As for Roll-N-Win, tune in next week and we will alert you when it goes live!

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